Membership Join JNP and increase our political clout!

We would like to introduce you to our new UK organisation, Jewish Network for Palestine (JNP). You may wonder why this country needs yet another Jewish pro-Palestine organisation.

Our Statement of Principles indicates a distinctive agenda for a Jewish-led organisation, in particular:

  • promoting political support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) in its entirety, as well as the Palestinian right of return;
  • advocating a democratic secular state in all of historic Palestine, as the only just remedy for the Zionist settler-colonial project;
  • working towards advancing a mutually agreed, just solution in line with UN resolutions and international law;
  • working towards a wide-ranging progressive coalition of UK Jewish and other organisations in support of a negotiated, just solution in Palestine, and influencing the public debate in the UK.

We are writing now to invite you to join JNP and take part in the coming activities of our new UK organisation. The membership fee (please see next page) will enable us to finance our continuing activities such as: website design and maintenance, lectures, seminars, film screenings, banners & flyers and speaker expenses. Membership also admits you to every AGM while your dues are paid up. The programme will be sent out within a week or so but, if you intend to join, please put the date in your diary now. We welcome all members to JNP’s activities as well as to stand as officers and members of the Steering Group and various working groups. Finally, membership will guarantee you will continue to get our mailouts after our AGM.

We face a crucial task in catching up with JVP’s success in turning the US public debate more favourably for Palestine. We must do likewise in the UK whilst opposing the extreme racist agenda of Zionist groups. For all these reasons, we need your voice, your commitment and support. Please join JNP to start building a future for a just peace in Palestine/Israel!

Membership is open to people of all religions or none. The only requirement is an agreement with our Statement of Principles, acceptance of our rules and Regulations, and payment of membership dues.
Lapsed members will be readmitted upon payment of dues.

The membership fees are:
Waged £20 annually
Unwaged £10 annually

Membership year runs from September 1st to the end of August the next year

Payment Instructions