Support Revd. Dr. Sizer!

Support for Reverend Dr. Stephen Sizer!

This week, our friend and partner in the Convivencia Alliance, the Reverend Dr. Stephen Sizer will face a Church disciplinary tribunal brought about by a complaint of antisemitism by the Board of Jewish Deputies. Your support of Revd. Dr. Stephen Sizer is called for, defending him against this malicious and spurious accusation.
Only extreme supporters of Israeli aApartheid and war crimes could come out with such accusations against Revd Dr. Stephen Sizer they are using the twisted logic inherent in the IHRA Working Definition of antisemitism to deliberately confuse between antisemitism - a toxic brand of racism, and anti-Zionism, a political action against the rmilitarised racist Apartheid state in Palestine.
We in Jewish Network for Palestine have worked closely with Revd. Dr. Stephen Sizer for many years in the campaign of supporting the end of Apartheid in Palestine, and towards a just peace and equality for Palestinians and Israelis. We know him to be one of the kindest, most considerate, astute and wise colleague and friend, One sensitive toe the faintest signs of racist behaviour. Dr. Sizer has fought against all forms of racism throughout his career, and given support to Jewish and Muslim colleagues who have suffered from real racism. We strongly reject the accusations against him as false and malicious, and made by a body which itself supports a racist settler-colonial state in Palestine, denying all rights to more than 5 million Palestinians. We ask everyone to join us in defending Dr. Sizer against these fabricated claims made by the Board of Jewish Deputies, and defend our rights to act towards a just and equal peace in the whole of Palestine, for all Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs.
You can read more about the procedure against Dr. Sizer here:
You can also express your support on his facebook page:
we hope you would do without delay. We thank you for acting to support this wise and sensitive individual who, like many supporters of justice in Palestine, became victim of false accusations of antisemitism.