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Guardian shows its ugly face

The Guardian shows its ugly face

After years of acting as the whipping-boy for the Israeli lobby, and hounding Jeremy Corbyn as a supposed antisemite, the Guardian has agreed to publish letter from many left-wing Jews, including many from Jewish Network for Palestine, giving the lie to the orchestrated anti-Corbyn campaign and reminding readers that they should never confuse anti-Zionism with antisemitism. Heading the signatory list were Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Ed Asner and Richard Falk.
We were quite pleasantly surprised by this turnaround by the Guardian, needless to say. Has the leopard the changed its spots? Has the Guardian decided to allow the truth to be published on its pages?
Our pleasure lasted only few hours. The letter was summarily removed from the Guardian website, as if it had never existed. Such creative editing of history is worthy of Stalinist Russia, to be sure. Unfortunately for the Guardian, the many printed copy carried the letter. Maybe they should also have collected these from all readers? There is always the next time…

The image below of the printed letter serves to prove the fickle nature of the editorial staff, and the power of the Israel lobby to even remove already-published material.

Guardian 1