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The Jewish Chronicle tries to defame Dr. Stephen Sizer - JNP reacts

Dr. Stephen Sizer, author of a number of books on Christian Zionism and Chair of Peacemakers, has been under attack by a number of Zionist publications for his principled support on Palestinian Rights. Recently, a long article full of false claims has been published and the Jewish Chronicle has reported this calumny as facts. The letter of JNP Chair, David Cannon, is copied below. Stephen books can be found on Amazon:

Christian Zionism: Road-Map to Armageddon? (2004)

Zion's Christian Soldiers: The Bible, Israel and the Church (2018)

Letter to the Editor of Jewish Chronicle

Stephen Pollard
Jewish Chronicle Media Limited
1st Floor One London Wall
London EC2Y 5EB

24th August 2021

re Stephen Sizer

Your demonisation of Stephen Sizer as antisemitic has no basis. I have heard Stephen speak passionately to promote equal human rights for all on many occasions. His writings promote peace, justice and, indeed, love. Likewise the Peacemaker Trust explicitly seeks " be a catalyst for peacemaking, especially where minorities are persecuted, where justice is denied, human rights are suppressed or reconciliation is needed".
Stephen has worked closely with Jewish Network for Palestine (JNP) to promote equal rights for all in Israel/Palestine. In fact, Stephen is pictured in front of JNP’s banner on Peacemaker Trust 'welcome' web-page;
I have Jewish heritage and was brought up to admire the creation of Israel. I now realise that Israel is founded on violent racist colonial theft and is sustained by violent racist apartheid. Zionism is racism, so criticising the Israeli state is anti-racist, not antisemitic.
Yours sincerely, David Cannon; on behalf of Jewish Network for Palestine.